Michigan vs Penn vs UVA for NYC Biglaw

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Re: Michigan vs Penn vs UVA for NYC Biglaw

Postby desertlaw » Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:39 pm

The UVa OCI thread got a bit crazy when the first pre-selects came out. But as the system worked through the alternates (and the tip-top of class dropping some interviews), and with lottery being run, I think things worked out pretty well for the top 1/3 to top 1/4 of the class in NYC. Not sure what they're doing next year but they might tweak a bit with the % of pre-selects that each firm gets.

Like anything this time of the year, you can argue the benefits of BOTH SIDES pretty well. Just trying to say that those of us that hated the pre-select when the initial pre-select results were given to us, ended up being satisfied with the end results. We were freaking out for those 2-3 days though. Kevin Donovan (or someone in career services) probably saw how much we freaked out on here and sent us an e-mail to tell us to chill. He ended up being right.

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