Rankings and LRAPs

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Rankings and LRAPs

Postby Scipionyx » Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:41 pm

GULC has an awesome LRAP compared to other schools outside the top 3. Are employment prospects for public interest/gov jobs that much better at the other T14 schools, making them worth passing up the much better LRAP? Assume you're paying full cost everywhere. A good LRAP is nice, but if you can't find a job it's not so important.


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Re: Rankings and LRAPs

Postby dixiecupdrinking » Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:09 pm

I'm not well enough versed in GULC employment prospects to answer that part of your question, but a couple thoughts.

First, I didn't know much about their LRAP, but from a cursory Googling it looks good but substantially similar to at least the T6 schools' programs. I wouldn't do Georgetown over any of those on the basis of LRAP (or employment prospects).

It does look better than, at least, Michigan's, Virginia's, and Cornell's LRAPs. Also, each of these schools is in a small town or city, which provides more limited options for school year internships than would being in DC, Chicago, NYC, etc. Those two factors would certainly make me choose Georgetown over those schools.

If it were me with your concerns, I'd take any of the T6 + Berkeley over Georgetown, but after that I think you have a pretty strong argument for GULC.

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Re: Rankings and LRAPs

Postby Helmholtz » Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:52 pm

dixiecupdrinking wrote:It does look better than, at least, Michigan's, Virginia's, and Cornell's LRAPs.

I don't really see how Georgetown's LRAP is better than Michigan's. I know that one advantage Mich has over GULC is that you can qualify for Michigan's LRAP working any law-related job, while GULC's is restricted to non-profit and government workers. I also think that Michigan has a higher phase-out limit than GULC does.

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