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Re: Boalt Tuition

Postby LawWeb » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:27 pm

worldtraveler wrote:Lots of reasons. One of the biggest is that Berkeley is significantly expanding its LRAP program, making everyone pay more initially but lessening the burden on public interest grads. Another is state funding cuts. A third is they are really trying to hire new faculty, just built a giant addition on the school, and just generally improve the school in various ways. They are also apparently giving more need based grants now.

Finally, law school is just expensive almost anywhere. Why? People will pay it.

The stated truth is along these lines - right before the economy collapsed, led by UC Berkeley, the UC system decided, "Hey, we are far cheaper than other high ranked state schools like UVA, Mich, etc - we want to keep rankings up, so let's jack up tuition to what they charge, and then we can use the $$ to boost our rankings." So UCLA went from about 17K/year in 2005 to where it will be now, uper 40's. Just like that. Was a great idea for greedy schools that wanted to put ranking over their state school mission - unfortunately the bottom fell out of the economy just as they did it. And so it may hurt their rankings, because now they are overly expensive as the market sucks.


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Re: Boalt Tuition

Postby Curious1 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:30 pm

Mavraides87 wrote:
drdolittle wrote:
Curious1 wrote:Has a lot to do with Jerry Brown raping our beautiful state.

Asinine, considering the issues in CA have been brewing for several years to decades now.

Yes, the decades of socialism have taken a hefty toll on a once pristine place.

Jerry Brown is part of the problem and so is Minnbills, who can be found endorsing federal student loans.

If you don't have a lot of gold bullion do not attend Berkeley.

Berkeley is a good school. California is a great state. Jerry Brown, however, is a horrid governor.

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