Hypothetical Decision (LawSchoolTransparency Q)

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Hypothetical Decision (LawSchoolTransparency Q)

Postby Splitter710 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:26 pm

Assuming one was to attend law school for the purpose of getting the highest paying job (145/160k), the T-14 + Vandy or UT is what TLS wisdom says to take. But looking at LST, GW reports more people making 160k than GULC? Is this just because GULC has more people doing government work? For GULC, it looks like 33% (adding up 10.95) + about 5% who are A3 make 160k. At GW, it looks like 38% + 4% of A3 clerks make 160k. What accounts for this discrepancy? Am I just missing something in the stats?



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Re: Hypothetical Decision (LawSchoolTransparency Q)

Postby random5483 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:02 pm

First, the web site could be wrong.

Second, top schools don't always have highest pay. For instance, UPenn has the highest NLJ250 placement percentage out of all schools and probably the highest average pay. With that said, it would be a dumb choice to pick UPenn over Yale. Many Yale students choose to do other types of work (government, academia, clerskhips, etc), but could get the big law job if they wanted it.

Placement percentages don't give you the whole story. Picking GW over GULC would be a stupid choice, unless you have a specific reason (maybe full ride GW v. full tution at GULC).

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Re: Hypothetical Decision (LawSchoolTransparency Q)

Postby top30man » Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:13 pm

Placement percentages don't give you the whole story.

GULC is significantly bigger than GW, which paints its percentages in a bad light. For example, even though they placed less than 40% in biglaw last year, they were number 2 behind harvard in raw number of new grads in biglaw. However, that is not at all to say it is the second best school for biglaw, just another point that numbers/percentages do not tell the full story.

Also, FWIW, I know that GULC did formerly place a large amount of grads into government work, which could help explain the discrepancy.

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