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Re: UGA (sticker) vs Emory ($$$) -- Need help deciding ASAP

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:40 pm
by UVA2B
consultantno809576 wrote:Had to do some digging, but I found and wanted to bump this post. I am essentially in the same boat as OP, but a few years have gone by so I'm hoping to take the TLS temperature on this one.

Assuming the same situation as OP - sticker at UGA and $20k/year scholarship at Emory- and considering that I want to begin my career in ATL but may want to move back out-of-state after a few years of big law, which school would you all recommend?

I've always lived in cities, and I think I would prefer living in an ATL burb to Athens, the quintessential college town. However, I'm worried that the difference in COA between the schools, though relatively small, could prove burdensome. I also keep hearing anecdotes about Emory grads losing out to Georgia grads or even Georgia State grads for top jobs. Being from out-of-state, this seems shocking and perhaps untrue. At the end of the day, though, it's all about securing a job that will help me overcome the debt I will assume.

Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts!

Nothing that hasn't already been discussed ITT should remotely persuade you one way or the other. If costs are equal, Emory gives you slightly more reach outside the region, to the point of being negligible, and UGA places similarly in the region. Nothing you've just reasoned should matter in the least in choosing between the two. If UGA/Emory was $30/year cheaper and you wanted to stay in GA, pick that school. If you want to go elsewhere after graduation/in the future...go somewhere else that can place more nationally.