U of Denver or ASU

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DU for 25k/year
ASU for 42k/year
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U of Denver or ASU

Postby bakerka2 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:41 pm

So I've done a bunch of these as my acceptances come in/change... but I got accepted to ASU super late, and it took me a while to get down to the post office and get the huge binder they sent me. Anyway, so I have no scholly at ASU, and 20k to DU as long as I stay in the top 50%. I'd be paying out of state at ASU for $42k/year, and $25k/year at DU... unless I get residency or lose my scholly. I guess I'm just looking for confirmation I'm making the right decision. DU isn't ranked as high, although they both are regional and are one of two schools in the state (oh wait there's U of Phoenix, but who's counting?) FWIW I'd rather live in CO than AZ but not set on staying forever.

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