Have it down to 3 options, need to decide today

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Re: Have it down to 3 options, need to decide today

Postby BarbellDreams » Wed May 25, 2011 7:55 pm

I would take W&M if I were you. ND is the best school IMO but because you want the east coast and the mid-atlantic ND will not give you any better placement than W&M. W&L has been steadily declining lately and I would be careful going there for right now (no disrespect to those attending W&L intended).


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Decision has been made! Thank you TLS.

Postby shouldgetmba » Wed May 25, 2011 8:13 pm

shouldgetmba wrote:I am a couple of seat deposits deep at this point and still cannot pull the trigger on a school. I am a long time lurker but am hoping TLS can give me some insight. I have been out of UG working for a year and have around 15K saved up. I applied to 18 schools and am down to 3 final choices.

My prefs are: I am from Pennsylvania and would prefer to stay on the East Coast or in the Mid Atlantic. BIGLAW would be taken if I received the grades to get it. I am carrying no UG debt but I would hate to take on a large amount of debt just in case BIGLAW does not happen and I am stuck doing something I hate for 4-5 years to pay off the debt. My grandparents have offered to chip in a small amount of $ for tuition and cover my CoL since each place is so cheap.

Choice 1: William and Mary with a a Fellowship Scholarship (total value 51K). This would leave me paying $19,000 out of pocket per year. I would probably use my 15K of savings and would end up in around $20,000 worth of debt.

Choice 2: Washington and Lee with a 30K a year scholarship (total value 90K). This would leave me paying $9000 out of pocket per year. I would get to save my savings and graduate without any debt.

Choice 3: Notre Dame with a 20K a year scholarship (total value 60K). This would leave me paying $24,000 a year out of pocket per year. I would use my savings and would end up in around $40K of debt.

I visited all schools and from what I could tell, ND had a great building and staff. However, the midwest is VERY new to me and I was not a fan of South Bend as a whole. W&M was nice and I enoyed the rustle and bustle of the tourists, however, would advantage does it have over W&L? W&L, great campus, however, law school building was awful. Not sure if it places outside of VA?

Do any TLS users have any advice?
Choice 3:

After much research and back and forth. I am choosing W&M.

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