Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

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Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby GYCL89 » Tue May 24, 2011 5:52 pm

Money is not the deciding factor for me. I am just out of undergrad and got into Rutgers-Newark, in-state and was waitlisted at Brooklyn.

I would MUCH rather live in Brooklyn than Newark. Those are my only two options and I really want to be in NY.

Is the benefit of the living situation with Brooklyn worth giving up a FT admission? I know I can transfer after a year into FT at Brooklyn but should I care so much about my living environment? Are there benefits to Rutgers (outside of money) that Brooklyn cannot offer, or vice-versa?

I need help now because my decision is time-sensitive. Thank you.


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Re: Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby jdhopeful14 » Tue May 24, 2011 6:07 pm

Brooklyn PT might make sense if you already have full time job. From what I've heard, going PT and not having a job just looks bad.

That said, I do not know much about prospects out of BLS, but I think it has better overall prospects than Newark, for NY at least.

Others here will tell you to retake or don't go. It's the single most popular advice on TLS.

EDIT: I'd also be really interested to hear on prospects out of Brooklyn, since I don't know much about this myself.


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Re: Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby JD2014 » Tue May 24, 2011 7:42 pm

I know you maxed out on retakes, but if living in NYC is your top priority, get a job and move there. You'll have more fun working 9-5 and drinking 5-9 then you will in law school, and legal employment will probably only improve with time anyway. Also, with a 3.8, both of these schools cough up money at the mid-160 mark. Getting WE, saving $20,000, and getting a 50% scholarship is a reasonable reward for patience.

If you must go now, Rutgers. Much cheaper, better jobs, full-time status. Take the PATH into NYC on weekends.


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Re: Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby SemperLegal » Tue May 24, 2011 8:00 pm

No question on this one, assuming you dont have a fulltime job, and than probally still no question.

1. Cost of Attendance:
Rutgers wins at 40k rather then 80k per year PT at BLS
BLS has 63% reporting and of those 71% have desirable employment (Article III, Private, or Full time public). Rutgers has a similar level of responses but ekks out 89%. {Please note all these stats are highly suspect, but an equal level of gaming probally occurred}
3. Reputation
Neither are good, but I have never meant anyone impressed by BLS, theres still plenty of lay people and out-of-touch attorneys in midlaw and government who at least give Rutgers some credit since they have traditionally dominated local politics.
4. Location:
First of, Newark is a total shithole, although the schools actually in a relatively nice area and is mostly free from crime due to a VERY professional police force that is actually part of the State Police. A PATH trip to Manhattan is cheaper and quicker than a MTA trip from Brooklyn. Its obviously harder to get to Brooklyn, a borough that has some good press, but in my opinion is totally overrated. However, Newark is a very fun town with lots of young academic/professional neighborhoods. Additionally, you can get to Hoboken fairly easily, one of my favorite cities on the East Coast to spend a night in.
5. Academic Resource:
Dont know about BLS, but the fact that Newark has a bankruptcy court, district court, FBI office, a huge Veterans Affairs building, and a field office for nearly all of the federal agencies and most of NJ's departments, it should be a lot easier to get a 1L internship or externship.

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Re: Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby CurbYourEnthusiasm » Tue May 24, 2011 8:09 pm

OP, where do you want to work? If money isn't the deciding factor, and you want to live and work in NY then go there I guess (I hope you have a job though if you are doing PT). If you want to eventually work in Jersey then go to Rutgers, it does very well in state plus you qualify for in state tuition.

can't decide

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Re: Rutgers-Newark FT or Brooklyn PT - Time Sensitve

Postby can't decide » Wed May 25, 2011 3:15 pm

gycl89, I am in exactly the same boat right now. I've been offered 10,000 renewable at RU-N and 20,000 renewable at Bklyn. I would much rather live in Bklyn than Newark, but I know that doesn't justify the difference in tuition. I just feel like now is the time to live in NY if i'm ever going to, and that it will never happen if I go to RU Newark. There's no logic behind that, I know, I'm just so worried I'll end up hating Newark.

Have you decided what you are going to do?

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