RU-C w/ money or Retake/Reapply

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RU-C w/ money or Retake/Reapply

Postby crossarmant » Fri May 13, 2011 10:12 am

So, I have an interesting predicament. I’ve been accepted to Rutgers Camden, put in my seat deposit, etc. with a 2.4 GPA and 160 LSAT, non-URM and got some money from them too. I’m prepared to go, but I also signed up for the June LSAT because I know I can do better than 160.

My question is what do all of you think the cut-off score would be for me to withdraw from RU-C and reapply to better schools next year? 165? 168? 180? I feel I could do markedly better than 160 since I hardly studied for my first go, but my GPA is pretty dismal though I do have 2 years of legal employment, did a legal studies program at U of Richmond and got a 3.8 after UG, and have a great PS. Though, definitely feel the wretched GPA kills chances.

I have no qualms with going to Rutgers (actually pretty excited), but just thinking of other possibilities. I know the T14 are ruled, but I don’t really want to go BigLaw route anyways. I’m looking to keep costs down and walk away with a decent enough position post-grad, which Rutgers seems like a great choice since after scholarship and in-state it’s nicely priced and places considerably well for its ranking. I don’t know how much more a slightly regional, yet higher ranked school would help anyways even if I got in; like William & Mary, BC, UConn, Mason, or Washington & Lee even if their regions are a bit wider. Worth trying for prestige or just a safe bet to keep with a solid state school with a good price tag?


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Re: RU-C w/ money or Retake/Reapply

Postby tourdeforcex » Fri May 13, 2011 4:18 pm

it's hard to say b/c you'd be a splitter. it's hard to predict how a 2.4 GPA will play out.

check out lawschoolnumbers and lawschoolpredictor for ideas.

and then the question boils down to: would you take a school like W&M or BC sticker over RU-C w/ $?

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