Fordham vs WUSTL

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Fordham ($) vs WUSTL ($$)

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Re: Fordham vs WUSTL

Postby Ratchet Jackson » Fri May 27, 2011 12:51 am

Hannibal wrote:I'm guessing it's 90k now right (with 5k in interest-free loans for Fordham).

The practical answer is almost definitely WUSTL unless you know you want Biglaw (and only barely), or NYC. We're talking about about 65k in debt difference when you include COL, which adding up the pay in interest that will end up costing you much more than that in real dollar figures. I guess the question is how much of a difference it is for you and your bf between NYC and St. Louis. Personally, I think that people undervalue happiness around here, but also overestimate how much things like location will impact that.

JenDarby wrote:15k/year at Fordham vs 25 30k/year at WUSTL

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