Should I stay or should I go? My admissions quandry

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Re: Should I stay or should I go? My admissions quandry

Postby MrAnon » Sun May 08, 2011 3:05 pm

If you want to work in the music industry in NY then you are moving in the opposite direction of that goal by going to law school, especially in these places far flung from new york, at schools that don't carry much weight.

Right now people are applying for entry level jobs at music companies. That sounds like what you want to do. You are closer to getting in at the moment than you will be in 4 years.


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Re: Should I stay or should I go? My admissions quandry

Postby ish2189 » Sun May 08, 2011 3:09 pm

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Re: Should I stay or should I go? My admissions quandry

Postby northwood » Sun May 08, 2011 4:12 pm

Didn’t read the posts in the thread so I don’t know what others said, but OP:
Do not go to Law School this cycle. Put forth the effort in studying for the test, and re write your personal statement and submit those applications in October. You didn’t put much effort into them this cycle- and for what your goals are- you are not in the position to achieve those goals at the schools you got into. If you want to be in NYC you should be aiming to go to the top 14, and a school in NYC. If you were to get into UNC off the waitlist now, you would definitely get in to UNC and maybe with some money if you applied again in the Fall.

That being said- you need to make sure that you will do the work. All of the students in law school are smart, and most are able and willing to put in the work and treat it like a full time job. If you are not willing to do this , then this may not be the profession for you. If you are not willing to read and write for hours on end- then you may have difficulties. Im not trying to be a dick, but that’s the meat of this profession- reading, researching and writing. Also- entertainment law is hard to break into. A lot of people want to break into the entertainment industry- maybe there is another way for you to break into the field without spending a hundred thousand dollars and three and a half years of your life.

Im glad that you took the time to do some soul searching. If this is what you want.- then you need to be willing to work at it, and wait a year. Actually you only need to wait 5 months before the October LSAT ( and study during the meantime)- then you will be in the thick of the application process- and the time will fly. Once you figure out what schools to apply to- and you start to hear acceptances, then you should start researching and gathering information to help you make the major decision of where you are going to matriculate. It can take a while, but at least you know where you want to end up- so now you just have to figure out what school will best take you there.

Best of Luck

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Re: Should I stay or should I go? My admissions quandry

Postby glitched » Mon May 09, 2011 3:38 am

doode come on guys... OP used quandary in his title. Knowing a word like that just proves his intelligence.

Seriously though OP, get over yourself. Please. And actions will speak louder than words so instead of spending $150,000+ to "get top 10% because i'll be trying now" and possibly getting destroyed in life, why don't you spend another $200, take a year off to study for the LSAT, and then just prove to us how smart you really are when you "give a shit." More importantly, prove it to yourself. You need to grow up, man. Just... grow up.

(BTW, I enjoy Ayn Rand)

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