Help me choose

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Where Do I Go

Temple (COA - 80,000)
Penn State (COA -110,000)
Wake Forest (COA - 140,000)
No votes
Wisconsin (COA - 145,000)
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Help me choose

Postby akak179 » Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:55 pm

Hey everybody,
I am a PA resident who eventually would like to work in the northeast (Philly area, NYC, anything in between) or D.C. (but I would rather be employed anywhere than out of work in these areas)
I know that my last sentence pretty much screams Temple at me, but I would still like to gauge some opinions. I really enjoy college towns and campus settings and the idea of going to north Philly everyday for school doesnt exactly excite me.
Any and all opinions are welcome, thanks alot guys.

Temple-In state tuition is crazy cheap, would be living pretty close to all my friends and family both at home and at college. Places the best in my desired area. Have not heard anything about scholarships yet.

Penn State - I love state college, the campus, JoePa, everything. If this decision was based on my heart and not having to get a job after law school, this would be far and away my number one choice. 10,000 a year scholly

Wake Forest - I dont know too much about the south, but I have heard good things about Wake's location, and Wake has the best employment numbers of my options.

Wisconsin - currently on the waitlist, so not really even an option, but lets just say I were to get off. Would def. be paying full price, but Madison is an amazing place, employment numbers are not terrible, and I wouldnt have to worry about taking the bar if i decided to work in wisconsin.

Thanks for any help everyone.


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Re: Help me choose

Postby tittsburghfeelers » Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:04 pm

I think you'd be crazy not to go to Temple according to the information that you've provided above.

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