SLU v MSU v Richmond v UMN/Indiana?

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SLU v MSU v Richmond v UMN/Indiana?

Postby nohazsecurity » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:27 pm

First off, I've not yet heard from Minnesota or Indiana, though I expect to in the coming weeks. Feel free to answer this question both under the assumption that I get into one of those schools, and that I do not (where the smart money is).

As it stands then, my options are:

Richmond - No money

SLU - $51k over 3 years

MSU - Money cannot be confirmed until June, and if unavailable, I'd have to defer for a year to get it. Provided the money does materialize, I'd get $75k, potentially increased to $90k total depending on first year performance.

Ultimately, I'd like to work in either DC or Deleware doing corporate litigation, regulatory compliance, lobbying, or election work. I realize that I won't get any such job outright, and that at best I can aim to go to a good firm in whatever state I graduate, build up a solid resume, and then lateral after a few years. To that end, I have a modest preference for spending those interim years in St Louis, though I'm plenty flexible to the extent that it serves my desired end.

My inclination right now is to be enrolled at SLU and MSU, go to MSU if the money comes through, and to SLU if it does not.

What say you?

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