UT vs. W&M $ vs. BYU $$

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UT vs. W&M $ vs. BYU $$

UT ($110,000 COA)
W&M ($65,000 COA)
BYU ($25,000 COA)
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UT vs. W&M $ vs. BYU $$

Postby hao2050 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:53 pm

Need some advice as time is running short. My long term career intentions are to work as in-house counsel for some type of corporation. I am an non-traditional law student with four years business experience in a major retail corporation. From everything I have heard regarding in-house counsel positions, best chances of landing one of these jobs is to work at a larger sized traditional law firm for 3-7 years and then make the transition. I do not have any intentions at staying at a law firm for more than 5 years max. I do not have a preference as to where I would prefer to end up after law school or once I make the transition to an in-house position.

Any advice is appreciated.

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