UT vs. Fordham vs. Cardozo

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UT vs. Fordham vs. Cardozo

UT (55k total debt)
Fordham (90k total debt)
Cardozo (10k total debt)
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UT vs. Fordham vs. Cardozo

Postby thewaxwingslain » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:46 pm

I'm an older applicant who's lived in NYC for over 6 years now, and would definitely like to end up here after school. At this point BigLaw would probably be my first choice. I cannot picture myself in public interest or government work, although I'm open to the possibility that law school or the job market may cause me to rethink that position.

I have some savings and have also received some aid from each of the schools, so I've listed the approximate total amount of loans that would be outstanding after graduation. I know more students from Fordham than from UT end up doing NYC BigLaw, but I am uncertain how much of that is due to self selection. My understanding is that Texas has a very solid reputation in NYC that is likely superior to Fordham's, but I don't know how to weigh that against Fordham's strong alumni network.

Any advice would be extremely helpful; I really do appreciate it. Thanks.


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Re: UT vs. Fordham vs. Cardozo

Postby FiveSermon » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:47 pm

UT no doubt. You already have ties to NYC + it's the easiest market to penetrate even without ties. UT is a very good school and with only 55k debt it's freaking fantastic.

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