Chicago v. Yale

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Chicago vs. Yale

Chicago (30k debt)
Yale (150k debt)
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Re: Chicago v. Yale

Postby barry » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:17 pm

even if you want big law still go to yale, you can live in NYC all semester come back the last few weeks read the supplements get all p's and still land a V25 ... seriously you will have no pressure you can't put a price on that... you don't have to worry about debt coming out of Yale you will be able to pay it off

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Re: Chicago v. Yale

Postby The Stig » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:23 pm

4real wrote:
MrPapagiorgio wrote:2) The thought of Palo Alto makes you wet.

lmao. what if Hyde Park makes me wet? Ok so it doesn't... but neither does new haven!

also, where do the 50 or so people per year that choose not to go to Yale end up? They can't all be at Harvard or Stanford

tgir wrote:Also, I got bored one night and ran some LSN numbers on cross-admits for the last 3 completed cycles. I only used profiles that clearly showed where the person had decided to enroll, as many were unclear or just not indicated at all.

Also, among those who got into Y+S+H (very small numbers) in the last three years, 11 turned down Y to chose S, while 6 turned down Y to chose H. I looked back even further in LSN history, and the trend seemed to be that H and S used to steal roughly equal numbers, with S gaining the upper hand in the most recent cycles.

I realize these are very small numbers that may not be representative. But I think they show that, when facing off head-to-head, Stanford and Harvard are pretty much equally appealing to cross-admits. And, additionally, it seems that Stanford is at least as good, and probably a little better, at stealing cross-admits away from Yale.

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