Input please! IUB ($$$) vs. UC Hastings vs. UC Davis

(Rankings, Profiles, Tuition, Student Life, . . . )

What's my best option, all things considered?

IU - Bloomington ($120k)
UC Hastings (sticker)
UC Davis (sticker)
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Input please! IUB ($$$) vs. UC Hastings vs. UC Davis

Postby MissFiredNeuron » Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:56 am

I'm new to TLS, but would LOVE some input from others. I am evaluating the following options:

IU-Bloomington ($120k)
UC Hastings (sticker)
UC Davis (sticker)

I would eventually like to be employed in CA (preferably Southern CA), but am willing to work and network hard to achieve that. Bloomington appeals to me aesthetically and experiencially more than either SF or Davis, but my concern is whether attending IU may close West coast doors for me permanently (note: I am willing to work in Chicago for a couple of years after law school to improve my job prospects in CA).

I'm not sure how much credence to give this year's rankings (both Davis and IUB are technically ranked #23, while Hastings comes in at #42), but the prospect of paying more $$ for lesser/similar rankings is somewhat difficult to stomach. I also understand that Hastings has an extremely competitive reputation and am interested to know more about the atmosphere that creates amongst its students (unpleasantly cutthroat or motivatingly competitive?) and the substantive differences between Davis and Hastings. I'm by no means sold on BigLaw but having the option would be nice. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Input please! IUB ($$$) vs. UC Hastings vs. UC Davis

Postby nelaw2010 » Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:37 am

Didn't you miss the IUB seat deposit deadline? Perhaps you got an extension. I was faced with the same decision.

I passed on IUB, mainly b/c I wanted to stay in California.

Now I'm deciding b/w:
UCI = 40k
Loyola = 50k
USD = 60k

I think IUB is a better choice considering the amount of debt you're taking on. If had gotten money at UCH or UCD, then I would say stay in Cali.

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Re: Input please! IUB ($$$) vs. UC Hastings vs. UC Davis

Postby glewz » Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:01 am

Def iub if you have connections to ca. if sticker at other schools, iub. If you can get partial schollies at uchast or d, by negotiating, then consider them

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Re: Input please! IUB ($$$) vs. UC Hastings vs. UC Davis

Postby drdolittle » Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:10 am

Don't let Hastings' spurious "hyper competitive" reputation affect your decision. Visit schools to get a flavor of their overall educational setting. I think Hastings' big city location alone leaves some thinking it's an extra stressful environment. But most law schools are competitive, full off smart and dedicated kids, so it's challenging to do relatively well. Especially true in Hastings' range of schools, where a healthy portion of the student body enters first year seriously intending to transfer up and/or attain top 10-15% for a good shot at big firm jobs. This will not be fundamentally different at Davis, trust me.

I'd PM kings84_wr or search his posts for helpful info on choosing among these schools. He attended IU-B.

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