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Re: Help me TLS

Postby northwood » Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:12 pm

If you dont want to be in La then dont go to either. That being said- 195K for Tulane is a lot of money. IMO its too much money.


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Re: Help me TLS

Postby leejh38 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:00 am

I'd say I think you'd be ok with either getting out of state for work strictly depending on where the "out of state" is. For instance, if you end up working in Eastern Texas, South Mississippi or South Alabama, I think either school will have enough alumni in the area to help you out. Outside of that it's probably a bad idea. If you're concerned about the civil vs. common law aspect I believe Tulane makes you choose a track as a 1L and LSU teaches its 1L courses for civil but then allows you to do common, civil, or a mixture of both.

Bottom line, idk what part of Alabama you're from, but if its north of the coast (like the Bham, Montgomery, Huntsville markets) and that's where you want to work, my vote is for Tulane (and you better graduate like top 10% to nail a job that'll cover that debt) or hold for next cycle. If you're cool with the Mobile, Biloxi, Hattiesburg areas of South Alabama and Mississippi then LSU would be fine.

Honestly, I think it's more of a stigma on the civil law stuff, and that's understandable, but both of these schools have altered their programs to be more open to OOS students and the common law. I think the bigger concern here is networking and alumni connections, in which case you look at how these schools' alumni disperse regionally. LSU's out of state alumni, I would think, would be more focused in a regional area around the Gulf Coast. Tulane has a greater reputation and their alumni probably tend to disperse out across the South. And of course, you have to look at the massive debt accumulated by Tulane...that really is a TON of money!!!

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