Is Penn overrated?

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Re: Is Penn overrated?

Postby ahduth » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:33 pm

d34dluk3 wrote:
beachbum wrote:
dpk711 wrote:But if Penn is at #7, doesn't that put Penn in the top half of the T14?

Top half = HYSCCN
Bottom half = the rest

<---math is not his strong suit

Well, I don't think it's linear. I mean HYS has got to be like 40% of the hiring strength of the T14.

40% huh. What percentage is CCN then? And say... Cornell? What about some random state school no one's heard of like... Michigan? Or Virginia?

Sometimes I hate being an accountant. I won't even get started on asking for a definition of "hiring strength."

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