Chicago-Kent ($28k) or Wisconsin Madison ($10k)

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Better prospects in the long run

Chicago-Kent ($28k)
Wisconsin-Madison ($10k)
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Chicago-Kent ($28k) or Wisconsin Madison ($10k)

Postby lawyeriA » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:18 pm

Looking for some help to see if spending the extra money at UW is worth it in the long run. My first job search effort would be to work in Chicago but am willing to work out of Wisconsin as well in whatever market. I would love to work at a big firm but we all know that's not a given for anyone these days so I would settle for something midsize in private practice, with government as a backup. Right now I am getting 28K a year from Kent and 10k a year from UW with no stipulations on either one. As far as credentials I'm at median numbers for UW while being above the 75% range for Kent. The only side note is I have a lot family in Chicago and could probably save on COL by crashing there either permanently or while I figure things out.

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