Marquette or Lower Tier California Schools?

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Re: Marquette or Lower Tier California Schools?

Postby Generic20101L » Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:13 pm

danielle9281 wrote:
bk1 wrote:
danielle9281 wrote:I am having the same problem. We have to let Marquette know by friday and I am still unsure of what to do. I am deciding between Loyola (LA), the University of Wisconsin, or Marquette.

Overall, I want to move to California and I am getting an $87 scholarship at Loyola, but I am afraid that I will have trouble finding a high paying job if I go there since UCLA and USC are in the same city.

Between UW and Marquette I would obviously rather go to UW, but I was offered a $83K scholarship at Marquette compared to a $30K at UW.

Also, I have a better chance at getting a biglaw job going to UW than Loyola and if the firm has a location in CA I could probably transfer there after some time.

What are your opinions on these schools. Please help me! I need to know by friday.

None of these schools gives you a good chance at biglaw or a high paying job (and by high paying I assume you mean something in the 6 figure range).

If you really want biglaw then you should retake/reapply and settle for no less than the T18 if you're feeling risky, but moreso the T12-13 if you want more of a reassurance.

I doubt any school guarantee's a biglaw 6 figure job, but the University of Wisconsin is a school that would offer me more opportunities to. I got accepted to better schools, but I refuse to pay sticker price for them. These are just the schools I am choosing from. Anyways, UW is tier 1 and in the midwest highly recognized. It is somewhat regional, but not as bad as tier 2, 3, & 4 schools. That doesn't bother me though, because I will take a job in the midwest. It is also the best law school in Wisconsin and has a great OCI. Anwyays, I am not worried about UW, just sad it is not in a warmer climite such as LA.

Yale and to a lesser extent Harvard and Stanford do guarantee you Big Law, if you graduate and aren't a crackhead douchebag.

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