Harvard v. Stanford (A Different Approach)

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Re: Harvard v. Stanford (A Different Approach)

Postby The Stig » Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:28 pm

MaxWeber wrote:so i've seen both and my impression, for what it's worth, is that SLS is a great law school and probably a better (healthier) place to live. however, i felt that SLS is somewhat nontraditional in its "vibe" and that students were detached/less interested in political circles. harvard is def bigger and more intimidating, but it feels like the place where future national leaders are groomed, and (regardless of its veracity) that's inspiring to me. so at this point i'm leaning HLS.

Yes! Go to the school that inspires you. (I don't have the same dilemma you do, but at least for me, seeing how many GCs of tech firms are from SLS gets me excited.)

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