Berkeley's Finances

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Berkeley's Finances

Postby michigan_man » Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:03 pm

Just wanted to throw this out there. It is a fundraising program sent to Boalt Alumni that speaks with (amazing) frankness about Berkeley Law's finances. If you are considering going to Berkeley, you should probably check this out (most of the relevant information for prospective students is in the first 5 pages:

A few thoughts:

1) The fact that Boalt still gets 30% of its funding from the state of CA is frightening, considering the state's budget situation and the fact that the state continues to cut funding to the UC system. This, coupled with the fact that the school has already raised tuition as high or higher than the rest of the market means that as the state continues to cut funding to the University of California, Berkeley is either going to have to raise the money through private donations or cut costs and sacrifice quality/spending/US News Ranking.

2) Berkeley Law's endowment is pretty pathetic. I hope that older, affluent alumni who benefitted from the extremely cheap education that was subsidized by the state will step up and donate now that the law school and the UC system needs it.

3) How is Penn's law school endowment so tiny?

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Re: Berkeley's Finances

Postby tallboone » Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:10 pm

wow. the budget is in bad shape.

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