CU ($) v. Seattle U ($$) v. STCL ($$$)

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CU ($) v. Seattle U ($$) v. STCL ($$$)

Postby upfish » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:45 pm

I realize my choices here are unorthodox for TLS, but if you're willing to hear me out it might make more sense. I'm not retaking the LSAT because I've already done that, am happy with the choices I have now, and am not going to work my boring job another year.

My plans are to go into low-income public interest type work, or potentially civil rights litigation. Whatever I end up doing, let's just say I'm the bleeding-heart type and that law degree or no, would be working for less than my earning potential doing something to "make the world a better place." (Even I get a little grossed out by the phrasing, but whatever.)

Currently I'm living in Houston with my long-term partner, who has a good job and who is currently getting his degree in instrument technology in a part-time program. He could support me pretty easily, and I could go to South Texas for about $13k/yr. (I was WL at UH, incidentally.) I have a few minor connections here, but might be able to make more pretty easily. I've also been offered a position on the working board of a local charity organization that could prove really valuable for finding future work. The downside is that I don't really want to be in Houston for life (5 more years, at most), the smog makes the air pretty unbreathable, and despite my non-big-law ambitions I'm pretty uncomfortable attending a TTTT just because it's cheap.

Alternatively, I could also go to CU at about $24k a year. The partner moves w/, gets a job, and takes care of COL as soon as possible, which keeps costs down. In Denver I have a contact who does civil rights litigation, so I have a networking "in" as it were. I'm sort of leaning towards CU because it's the best school I was accepted to, and the mountain region has a pretty good quality of life (barring the unsettlingness of how freaking WHITE it is there).

Lastly, I got into Seattle U for about $20k/year. It's stayed on the list because both the SO and I love Seattle, Dean Spade is a professor there, and SU appears to have a pretty strong social justice focus. Since this is my area of interest, especially w/Spade and his GLBTQ work, it seems like it could be a potentially good option for me.

Okay, so ask me some questions that give me an epiphany or something. I am dying here.


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Re: CU ($) v. Seattle U ($$) v. STCL ($$$)

Postby crit_racer » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:37 pm

I think you gotta take CU in this situation.

-your connections in Houston aren't THAT strong
-STCL sucks
-Even though it will be a pain, it sounds like your SO is *willing* to move w/ you to Boulder
-SU has strict stips on their schollies (top 25% on mine at least)
-SU puts out a ton of grads in a market that can barely support UW
-CU is highest ranked school
-In state after first year
-You have a connection in Denver

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