St.Mary's v. ?????

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St.Mary's v. ?????

St.Mary's -$24000 scholly
Retake 3rd time
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St.Mary's v. ?????

Postby anni » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:54 pm

I am also waiting on Baylor and U of Houston but anticipate rejections from both. I never considered St. Mary's when first accepted but am starting to now because of how my cycle is turning out. I also got into UoP McGeorge and Hofstra with some scholly money but don't really see me benefiting from attending school so far away. Also, if I retake, I don't anticipate my applications changing much except for the score, because I will be so busy finishing my undergrad degree and studying to improve my score. This is why I'm not sure of this option, will a significantly improved LSAT score alone make much of a difference?
Sorry if this is too confusing, but thanks so much for your help!!


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Re: St.Mary's v. ?????

Postby jwmalone87 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:13 pm

An improved LSAT would make a huge difference. Take this from someone who got a 158 in June, retook in October, then finally retook in December. Law school is a BIG deal, something that'll affect the course of your career for years to come. Don't settle if you think you can do better.

But that's only if you really think you have room for improvement. How did you prepare the first time? Do you truly have the time to commit to studying again? Did you take a prep course? These are all questions you need to consider...don't retake if you don't have a clear plan for improvement.

As far as St. Mary's, it depends on you. You're probably going to be in San Antonio for the foreseeable future. I know a few grads in Houston, but not many. You'd have to be comfortable with the prospect of living and working in SA, and you'll probably have to seriously outwork your classmates for a decent shot at employment. Again, these are all questions you need to ask yourself.

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