Villanova vs. Seton Hall Scholarship

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Villanova vs. Seton Hall Scholarship

Postby btr77 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:52 pm

I just received this offer from NOVA yesterday. I have basically written of FTuition offers to STJ and Hofstra, and had more or less settled on SH while waiting on my Brooklyn negotiation. I admit I was a bit surprised at NOVA's generosity and I am giving it serious consideration. Does anyone know if NOVA tends to place as well in Philly as SHU places in NJ? Does NOVA place well at all in NJ? I have visited SH and was pretty impressed, and although they certainly mst be taken with a grain of salt, the new USN rankings were encouraging. NOVA dropped quite a bit and also had the reporting scandal; still, they have a new academic building and I have heard/read nothing but positives. I have not yet visited NOVA, so I'm uncertain.

Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions?

Seton Hall: $35,000 renewable if upper 50%; $45,048 tuition.

Villanova: $30,000 renewable if I maintain a cum. 3.15 at end of each year; tuition $36,690

Other info: I currently live/work in DC but I am from NJ. At SH I will have the option of living at home and commuting. I also assume the COL in Jersey is cheaper, though I am not positive. I also cannot determine if the 50%/3.15gpa stips are comparable.


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Re: Villanova vs. Seton Hall Scholarship

Postby bigkahuna2020 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:04 pm

CoL will be similar. Basically the decision you have to make is North Jersey versus a decent chance at Philly and a possibility of the Philly burbs.

Also, Seton Hall gives you a 5-10% chance at NYC.

I know Villanova LLM (tax) guys living in central NJ, but not a lot of JD's (he also went to Seton Hall for his JD)

It's a tough decision...

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