Case Western, Loyola/DePaul, or Pitt

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DePaul, Loyola (Chi), Pitt, Case

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Loyola Chicago
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Case Western
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Case Western, Loyola/DePaul, or Pitt

Postby aknecht » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:14 pm

So here are my options:
-Loyola Chicago ($5k/year, 3.0 stipulation)
-DePaul ($18k/year, 3.0 stipulation)
-Case Western ($15k/year, 3.15 stipulation)
-Pitt at sticker

I am from Chicago and my parents still live there so that means a LOT to me. My girlfriend and her family are from Pittsburgh (and her family all still lives there) so there is an incentive that way. I have never even been to Cleveland but I have heard only negative things about it, even from relatives who live there. I'm always asked where I want to practice and my answer is that I am flexible to a point. Chicago would be the top of my list followed distantly in order by DC, Pitt, Indy, Richmond, and Philly.

So what would TLSers do in this situation? FYI, I already retook the LSAT so that's not an option and I've already tried negotiating and this is the best I am going to see in terms of money.

Here are some things that I don't know the answer to, so feel free to jump in:
-Would going to Case relegate me to living and working in Cleveland long term or does a Case JD travel well?
-Would going to Pitt relegate me to living and working in Pitt long term or does a Pitt JD travel well?
-Looking at only the Chicago schools, would it be worth the money difference to choose DePaul over Loyola?
-I've heard that DePaul offers larger scholarships up front but many students end up losing it after their first year. Is there any truth to this?
-What are the chances of DePaul (currently ranked 98 by USN) slipping out of the top 100 schools? I know this is speculative at best but go ahead and weigh in anyway.

I really appreciate any insight you might have on this one.

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Re: Case Western, Loyola/DePaul, or Pitt

Postby thexfactor » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:06 pm

it doesnt really matter if depaul slips out.
Placement rates for all the schools you mentioned are all about the same. Maybe slightly higher for case and upitt.

I would take Case. 3.15 is about median at case fwiw.....

Case does well in cleveland. However, you still need to be in the top 25% of your class to have a chance at getting a midlaw/biglaw job. You have an outside chance at biglaw/midlaw in a big city like chicago, NY,DC or boston if you are in the top 5% or so.

Just a warning.... There are people on LR at case/upitt that do not have jobs lined up....

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