Support Thread for the 6-figure debt plunge

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Re: Support Thread for the 6-figure debt plunge

Postby TheStrand » Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:08 am

Anonymous Loser wrote:
TheStrand wrote:I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people who want IBR qualify for it. There's no real arbitrariness with it since it was passed as part of health care reform, and not like the wanton policy of a particular law school. So I mean, unless the whole Affordable Care Act gets repealed in its entirety, I'm pretty sure it'll be fine and you can count on this.

To clarify, the IBR program was developed as part of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, voted in under the previous administration. The student loan reform measures incorporated in the Affordable Care Act relate to eliminating the FFELP lending program in favor of direct lending, and have no effect on the IBR program.

Sorry I was thinking of the Section 2214, moving from the 10% cap on repayment as opposed to 15%, and the forgiveness after 20 years deal. I suppose that is more reassuring, because even if the health care reform gets destroyed you'll still have some semblance of IBR under CCRA.

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