Private School (Case Western) -- Is It Worth the Debt?

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Ersatz Haderach

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Re: Private School (Case Western) -- Is It Worth the Debt?

Postby Ersatz Haderach » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:41 am

Case student here.

Rivals: Case Western's 'rival' schools are all the other Ohio Schools, but mainly Cleveland State and Ohio State. Why? Case places oddly well in certain pockets outside Ohio, usually in particular public service jobs, international law jobs (there are a few every year, but only a few), and the odd 'we have a connection here' thing in NYC/LA. With a down economy, that placement is hurt because in a down economy every school is a T2 school's rival school. So, you go back to the home market, which is Ohio. Ohio State is #1 in Columbus and also does well all across the state. I don't know a lot about the statewide market so I'll only talk about Cleveland itself.

Cleveland State is not doing as well as Case in the down economy. Ask around enough, you'll get conflicting views, but I think this is the consensus that will emerge if you get enough impartial viewpoints. CSU has a good school and I wouldn't be surprised if they someday pop into that 90-100 range in T2. But they mainly feed into public-sector jobs in Northeast Ohio and firms in Cleveland. There is no market for CSU grads outside Cleveland. Well, maybe Akron. I don't know. You can check Martindale yourself, it's pretty focused. Case at least has a broader and larger alumni network and a few clusters in the big national legal markets. It's not unheard of for Case grads to go directly to work in big firm offices in Chicago or New York, but it's rare.

The Cleveland Economy: Reputation aside, it is moderately better than the rest of Ohio and about par nationally. The city is in a downturn, but not as sharply as other regions of Ohio, and there is reason to believe it will improve. The legal market lags. There are questions swirling around the future of the #2 firm here, Squire Sanders. Jones Day retains big presence, demands big grades. All summer recruiting way down, hasn't come back yet. Overall, it's still a decent legal market featuring a small number of big firm jobs and a decent number of medium/small firm jobs.

Cost: Case is expensive and do not expect them to ever hold the line on tuition. There are some nice things being done with the money (more faculty, and I speculate a new building at some point this decade) and they give a ridiculous amount of scholarship money back to offset this somewhat. What this means is that if you don't have a scholarship or have only a token one, you had best have a good reason for going to Case and a good, realistic financial plan, because odds are you could have saved money paying sticker at Cleveland State.

Scholarships this year required a 3.2 to keep 100%, 2.8 to keep 50%. Median is like 3.0. Probability says some people will lose 50%. A handful will lose it all. You can get it back semester to semester. There are a few 'good standing' scholarships still offered, I don't know who gets them.

For what you're saying and your numbers, if you get into OSU, you should go there. The in-state tuition is going to outdo your probable money from Case. If you don't, you need to weigh costs and benefits very carefully. Case is absolutely better than CSU, Akron, Toledo, et al. Is it $XXX,XXX better? That's up to what you want to do and how much debt you're comfortable with. If it's really just $25-40k, yes. That's nothing, long-term.


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Re: Private School (Case Western) -- Is It Worth the Debt?

Postby Case2L » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:36 pm

As a Case graduate, I will credit the post above me. Case is a great school and I loved my time their, but it's worth sticker ONLY if you honestly feel Case is your absolute best fit.

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Re: Private School (Case Western) -- Is It Worth the Debt?

Postby Patriot1208 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:59 pm

homestyle28 wrote:In ohio, After OSU/Cincinnati/Case, your job prospects change significantly, if you want Cleveland, go to Case regardless of scholarship $.

Mehh, I think the job prospects at case aren't much better than they are at cleveland state. I'd certainly take cleveland state at scholly over case, the only thing that case has significantly over cleveland state is lay prestige, which isn't getting you anywhere. Sure, case may have an edge, but not one worth the extra debt.

iWayneState wrote:What still confuses me is why Case Western is ranked so low.

It has a great undergrad rep and yes, I know Cleveland is not great but WashU is a comparative school and has a top shelf law school.

Neither the overall undergraduate reputations or the post undergrad programs are comparable too WUSTL. They are in the same conference, that doesn't make them comparable. You don't see people comparing Iowa to Northwestern do you?

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Re: Private School (Case Western) -- Is It Worth the Debt?

Postby Lokomani » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:02 pm

SuperFreak wrote:TTTs are never worth the debt.


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