PSA: Northwestern Law Best School for Employment

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Re: PSA: Northwestern Law Best School for Employment

Postby rayiner » Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:14 pm

showNprove wrote:
rayiner wrote:
bmwhype2 wrote:Why is NWU the only top14 to place emphasis on a minimum of 2 year WE

Gaming OCI.

The point is: if you go to NU with no work experience, you're not going to get some magical bump because you're an NU student. NU isn't the best school for biglaw placement--it has the best student body for biglaw placement (i.e., lots of student with desirable backgrounds).

That's probably the overriding factor, but not the only one. The other advantage NU has is that it dominates a major market that is both somewhat insular and big relative to its NU's class size.

In 2007, when the economy was in good shape, the Chicago offices of Kirkland, Sidley, Skadden, Latham, and Mayer together hired 1/5-1/4 of the whole class.

That advantage has of course been greatly attenuated given the state of Chicago's legal market, but it still helps. Kirkland is still hiring a dozen NU grads each year, etc, and with Chicago siphoning off a lot of top of class types who want to stay here, that makes things easier for people gunning for NYC and DC.

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