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Re: Ohio Law Schools

Postby Ersatz Haderach » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:17 am

Case2L wrote:
JPU wrote:I would take CSU over Case all day if I was going to stay in Cleveland / Ohio. Case is way way way too expensive and their rep in Cleveland isn't that strong.

This is anecdotal, but I have yet to meet an '09 or '10 CSU law grad who is regularly employed in the legal field. Most went back to whatever they were doing before they went to law school, and those that are in the legal field are doing temp work. DO NOT go to Cleveland-Marshall. It used to be a decent school for Cleveland, but not anymore, as there are just not enough jobs in Cleveland for 3rd tier grads. Either go to Case on a scholarship, or reconsider law school.

I'm originally from the Cleve...I would edit this to say "Do not go to Marshall without a big scholarship or significant local connections in the field you want to work in, or assuming you absolutely want to stay in Cleveland." They have a staunchly loyal alumni network, but that won't do anything for you outside of Cleveland or in a climate where the alums can't hire anyone. There are people getting jobs, though, and if you browse the biglaw offices there, tons of people are from Marshall.

Case has plenty of rep in Cleveland. But Case is not a Cleveland law school like Marshall is, and you will ultimately find far more Marshall grads in Cleveland than you will Case grads. Several people I grew up with went to Case; none of them are working in Cleveland. They are working and happy with their jobs. They are not working in BigLaw. They liked Case.

Pretty sure both schools have suffered recently because of the local economic situation. Has it gotten better?

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