Law schools with strong Japanese relations.

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Re: Law schools with strong Japanese relations.

Postby eggy » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:56 am

ToTransferOrNot wrote:
MrAnon wrote:Wow. Well, you go to Japan tomorrow and apply for jobs. If you are an excellent employee you will rise to the ranks of someone who earns 200K. If you cannot earn it this way then you will not earn it simply by manner of having a law degree from a T1 school. It sounds like the Japanese corporate world is not interested in you right now, and the likelihood that they will be interested in you with a law degree is roughly the same. That is how it works in law. Folks who had no chance of getting high paying jobs out of college don't end up with high paying jobs out of law school. The folks who do end up with those high paying types of jobs are the smarter and more dynamic students who had options out of college and went to the very top law schools. Otherwise it is the more dynamic kids from lower schools, who also could have eventually found success in other work if they tried.


Because my music degree from shitty state university would have put me in the running for a high-paying gig.


It's ok. Just let the guy troll....

Thanks to all who did post worthwhile information!

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