do people age 25+ feel out of place at law school?

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Re: do people age 25+ feel out of place at law school?

Postby ResolutePear » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:01 pm

Holly Golightly wrote:
ResolutePear wrote:
Holly Golightly wrote:I think 25 is prob the average age at NU.

Isn't NU pro-work experience?

In fact, there's a thread going around that they've started accepting the GMAT in lieu of LSAT. They sure live on the edge.

Yes. And our radical dean is leaving us for the New School. :cry:

Arg, that sucks... that dean did some really awesome stuff. That 2-year program for instance, IIRC.

Too bad more schools don't accept GMAT in lieu of LSAT. It'd be nice to study and take one test while being able to canvas law and business schools simultaneous.

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