Chicago vs. Ivy League

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Re: Chicago vs. Ivy League

Postby 09042014 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:22 pm

acrossthelake wrote:
r6_philly wrote:
Desert Fox wrote:I've noticed people from the Northeast have a huge anti-state school bias. Are your state schools there terrible or something?

Penn state is known for anything but it's academics around here. The fact that they have satellite campuses that is not selective doesn't help either. Pretty much anyone can go to Penn State. It isn't bad, but it isn't "impressive" because of the lack of selectivity. People think ivies are elites because they are hard to get into, and harder to pay for.

My guess is also time. With the exception of Cornell(who was late to the party in 1865), 7 of the 8 Ivy League universities constitute 7 of the 9 colonial colleges (chartered, and in most cases founded, pre-American Revolution). The other 2 non-Ivy colonial colleges are The College of William & Mary and Rutgers. So you've got Harvard and The College of William & Mary in the 1600s, the others in the 1700s(Dartmouth bringing up the rear in 1769).

In comparison, the UConn was established in 1881 and UMass in 1863 and Penn State in 1855. The Ivies (with the exception of Cornell) came 100+ years earlier.

Side note:
Other top private schools that came later include, but are not limited to, MIT(1861), Stanford (1891), UChicago(1890, though not a lot of lay prestige), Duke (1838), but MIT got a lot of money through government funding and had a niche for being technologically focused, and the other 3 are star private schools in their region.

That also explains why public schools are prestigious in the Midwest and west. All our flagship public schools are land grand schools, and at the time our states were tiny, and all our growth happened after these schools were founded.

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Re: Chicago vs. Ivy League

Postby Veyron » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:35 pm

TaipeiMort wrote:
thedude221 wrote:
blink wrote:What do you mean by "appeal"?

If you mean rankings, then yes it's more highly ranked than Cornell and Penn, but not as high as Yale, Harvard, and Columbia.

I want to stay in Atlanta to work so I was just curious if going to UChicago would inhibit me from doing that, my pre-law advisor said it could but I just wanted a second opinion.

I'd invite anyone to correct me if I'm wrong.

If you want to work for Mid/Biglaw in Atlanta, Chicago may be a better option than all but Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.
While Columbia is ranked above Chicago and NYU is ranked a little below, Chicago's class size is SMALL. This means that as a Chicago grad, you are RARE in the Southern-oriented-top-6 legal hiring market. You'd be a steal for any firm in Georgia. Additionally, how many out of Chicago's small graduating class (or any of the top six schools) hope to work in Atlanta?

IMO this means that when you are placed next to a Duke, Vandy or any Southern-region grad, you will be very likely to be picked, even if they have outperformed you in grades.

As for comparing U of C to any Ivy league school in terms of prestige, educated people would place it ahead of all besides Harvard, Yale, and Princeton... uneducated people outside of the midwest probably don't even know it exists or think its some type of community college.

Unprecedented Chicago trolling?

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Re: Chicago vs. Ivy League

Postby clintonius » Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:12 pm

r6_philly wrote:
funkyturds wrote:
shadu wrote:
TaipeiMort wrote:All of these lay person viewpoints are coming from a far East Coast perspective.

Coming from a west coast/California perspective, lay people don't even know most of the Ivy League. When you say Penn, they think you are referring to Penn State. Darthmouth? isn't that a type of snake? Columbia... that is where Spiderman got his powers. Cornell... that is where Andy from The Office went, so it must not be that great of a school because he is working at Dunder-Mifflin. Yale, Harvard, and Princeton are about the only Ivy League schools people consistently know.

As for Non-Ivy elite schools' California lay perception:
NYU is where Spike Lee went and they are famous for having a film school not quite as good as USC's-- but closer than anything besides UCLA.
Chicago is a city with a crappy basketball team, batman, and lots of wind, not a school.
Michigan used to have great football team and must have lax academic standards to attract all of those football players.
Wasn't there some type of shooting at the University of Virginia by some Asian guy or something?
Duke IS college basketball and have their blue caps recycled by the crips in east LA.
MIT is where smart nerdy people attend and is probably the best East Coast school besides Harvard and Yale.
Northwestern is in the Big 10 I think.
Georgetown has to have one of the best law school in the country.
Stanford is better than any other school nationally besides Harvard.
This is really really accurate.
Yeah, as another west coaster, I can say this list's pretty accurate.
I used to live in LA, this is pretty accurate.
I grew up in WA and Batman is not from Chicago.

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Re: Chicago vs. Ivy League

Postby Burger in a can » Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:34 am

clintonius wrote: Batman is not from Chicago.


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