IU - Indianapolis vs Penn State

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IU-Indy vs PSU vs (possibly) Villanova

Penn State
wait for Villanova
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IU - Indianapolis vs Penn State

Postby tjm » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:01 pm

Ok, so I've decided against Michigan State, for anyone who's read my other post.

(And before I get any more naysayers, I still plan on focusing on international & comparative law, regardless of where I go. So even though I appreciate your concern that I'll get nowhere unless I attend a T10 school, the advice I'm looking for is really more along the lines of which school I'm considering would be better in the long run.)

I just got a call on Friday from Penn State offering a spot, but I'm still considering IU-Indy, mainly because of their Center for International Human Rights. I also haven't had the chance to visit PSU or interact with much of the faculty/staff/students, which makes me a bit nervous.

Also, knowing that another round of admissions is happening at many schools around this time, should I wait a little longer and see if I'm accepted at Villanova, where I'm currently waitlisted?

As to the whole "all-of-them-are-regional" thing, I really don't know where I plan on settling down yet, so I can't honestly pick one based solely on that. I grew up in Michigan, went to Michigan for undergrad, but I've got no preference one way or the other as to whether I end up in the Midwest.

I'm also not too concerned about PSU being in the middle of nowhere. Granted, I'm a bit more of a city person, but I grew up in the suburbs and was perfectly content in Ann Arbor for nine years, so three years in a countryside might be a welcome change (?).

Regardless of location, I'm really just concerned with figuring out which is the best school for me to spend three years at. Where am I going to get the best opportunities at externships (preferably in the international human rights arena), and where am I going to have the best chances for employment in something along those lines after those three years?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for your opinions!


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Re: IU - Indianapolis vs Penn State

Postby imbored25 » Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:30 am

Nova would be the best option since it's way more likely that you'll get a good job from there than the others, also it's in philly which has a pretty decent legal market, im not sure about indy but im guessing its pretty small as well as central penn.


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Re: IU - Indianapolis vs Penn State

Postby chopswithafist » Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:43 am

I voted IU - Indy. True, it's a very regional school and your employment prospects will be heavily focused around indiana and indy in particular, but Indianapolis is a much more livable (not to mention bigger) city than many think. Living there for three years is anything but a sentence, and residing in the circle city beyond that is definitley worth consideration.

(also, the other schools are about equally regional, maybe moreso)


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Re: IU - Indianapolis vs Penn State

Postby superflush » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:33 am

tjm wrote:I also haven't had the chance to visit PSU or interact with much of the faculty/staff/students, which makes me a bit nervous.

Then visit.
You should probably make your decision both on where you'd like to live for a while after law school and which school you feel more comfortable at.

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