BU$$v,BC$$ forced to make a tough (Updated!)

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BC 60k
BU 45k
Total votes: 47


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Re: BU$$v,BC$$ forced to make a tough decision late in the game

Postby tram988 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:45 pm

JWicker10 wrote:
tram988 wrote:That is where you are wrong JWicker10. BU has been the lower tier one and has only recently, since 2001 become a top 30 school. BC was ranked #19 many years ago and has been a top 30 school since 1987. See this chart: http://prelawhandbook.com/law_school_ra ... _1987_1999

This is a retarded argument. It's ridiculous to listen to your justification of why you think
BC is better, obviously you do, you're going there, and that's fine. Maybe BC is better for you than BU, but OP has already clearly and articulately outlined that he prefers BU.

The last TEN years BU has been better, I'd say that's a fairly significant amount of time and plenty of time to change the hiring perceptions of partners.

My entire point was that $15k shouldn't be enough to sway OP if he prefers BU as much as he claims to. That's it.

Fact of the matter, BU is also ranked higher. Granted, the ranking is about as significant as the $15k in terms of how much it should play into OP's decision.

Fair enough?

I think so too.

Choose what feels right to you between those two OP.

I think you misunderstand my argument. I was by no means claiming BC's historical rank makes BC the better school. I believe the schools are almost identical in every respect. I was simply refuting your perception that BC is a lower tier one by providing evidence that BC has never left the top 30 since the rankings first began in 1987. As a matter of fact, BC has mostly been ranked between 19-25.

Fair enough? think so.


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Re: BU$$v,BC$$ forced to make a tough (Updated!)

Postby Informative » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:24 am

These schools are the same. Go with the one that will cost less to attend. BC may be cheaper because of rent in Newton/Cleveland Circle areas, but it probably won't amount to much of a cost saver. I would go with whoever gave me more money. Keeping your debt down in this economy is practical advice.

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