Hastings v. Davis

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Hastings v. Davis

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Re: Hastings v. Davis

Postby apropos » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:53 pm

stonepeep wrote:
General Tso wrote:I heard from a guy at Hastings who had a Federal Defenders offer that it's a volunteer thing that doesn't lead to post-graduation employment. He was told that right now they are only hiring people 1+ year out of school who have done Federal clerkships.

Yeah, the SF Federal PD interviewer at OCI said that most of their hires tend to be people who have done clerkships and worked in biglaw for a few years.

Yeah, this is generally the case. However, I understand SD is an exception, which is one reason I was specifically curious about it. Plus, whether a PI employer comes to OCI is probably a good indication of whether they are interested in the school's students.

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