UConn or Cardozo?

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UConn or Cardozo?

Postby tsheld01 » Thu May 27, 2010 12:26 am

I got accepted to UConn with $18,000/year (and in-state tuition for the last two years) and Cardozo with no $. I'd like to work in big law in either Boston or New York after graduating and just don't know what would be the better option for me at this point --- any ideas??? My starting salary is a huge concern for me, also.

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Re: UConn or Cardozo?

Postby 3 Stripes » Thu May 27, 2010 12:32 am

UConn. You can hardly find cheaper tuition for a school of its quality. It places well in the New England area (particularly CT and Boston) and the best students (I'm guessing top 10%) usually find work in NY. I would also think that the starting salaries coming out of UConn are comparable, if not better than, Cardozo's.


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Re: UConn or Cardozo?

Postby bk1 » Thu May 27, 2010 2:29 am

biglaw out of either seems difficult.

If you really want biglaw (and could make your app significantly better through either submitting much earlier or getting a higher LSAT), I would consider reapplying to give yourself a better shot.

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