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Re: Is a JD/MA in International Economics at Kentucky worth it?

Postby yabbadabbado » Wed May 05, 2010 8:45 pm

bob.boblaw wrote: I worry this might be a big hurdle for me if I wished to work in an area like DC.

It probably will be. Not because UK is UK but because of the competition from graduates of higher ranked, better known schools. Getting some kind of unpaid internship in DC might be a possibility if you send out a ton of applications, but for a post-grad job, all bets are off.

Now, Kentucky does offer a JD/MA in Diplomacy and International Economics. It's an area I'm genuinely interested and I know it would make me more competitive.

Actually it probably wont make you more competitive for legal jobs, or other jobs for that matter either.

And I know this is kind of corny, but I'm from West Virginia and I have coal miners in my family. I've always really admired Arnold and Porter for their pro bono work here during the Buffalo Creek Disaster, so working with them would be a dream. Is there any chance of that happening for me as a UK student?

Flame? Chances are probably about nil. They don't even do on campus interviews at UK. See here:

http://arnoldporter.webfactional.com/ca ... edule.html

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