WUSTL vs. Emory?

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Washington University in St. Louis vs. Emory?

Poll ended at Thu May 06, 2010 1:34 pm

WUSTL (30k)
Emory (60k)
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Re: WUSTL vs. Emory?

Postby forty-two » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:05 pm

Brdway4212 wrote:I actually got the 84% stat from the materials packet Emory sent to me. I believe that is for the Class of 2008...though I could be wrong. I can't imagine it was any better for Class of 2009.

I certainly know that many schools do "game" the employment numbers. However, at the WashU ASD, the Dean of Career Services gave an hour-long presentation about WashU's employment stats, unique placement strategy, and explained that they do not game the numbers. Employment in legal jobs 9 months after graduation was 94% I believe. It could be that he was skewing the numbers, but I really didn't feel that way. Also, median salaries seemed to be higher. I will say, however, that Emory's career services did not give a presentation at ASD. It could be that, had they done so, I would have been equally impressed with Emory's career services. I think these employment stats are one of my central hesitations about Emory, though I know that I need to get a better handle on how reflective both statistics are before I let them influence me too much.

That statistic is for the class of 2009. Also, did you get my PM? Emory has literally been the only school to put me in touch with so many alums and 3Ls, which I think says a lot about the school. I know career services didn't give a presentation, but I spoke to them during lunch and they did a pretty good job of explaining everything. Why don't you call the career services office? I'm sure they'd be happy to talk to you. Good luck!

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