GW v. UT (in-state) v. Cornell

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GW v. UT (in-state) v. Cornell

Postby estjohn7 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:13 pm

Still waiting to hear back from Cornell, but calculators give me a 65%/strong consider for it. UT is in-state, and GW is sticker. Not too worried about debt.

I want to do international law, so I figure DC placing, especially with the prospects of DC non-summer jobs, would be good. I live in Austin already and though I love UT, may be down for a change. Visited GW and everyone seemed very enthusiastic, motivated, and happy.

How do their reputations seem to measure up for Int'l? UT is higher ranked and cheaper, but may not have the reputation in DC that I would want. Then again, GW may be overshadowed by GULC kids.

Cornell has name value and some interesting int'l options with schools overseas, but is also mindblowingly expensive, even if debt isn't a be-all-end-all for me.

EDIT: All in all, Texas has a better job market, is cheaper, and higher ranked. I paid a deposit, but still mulling things over because of desire to relocate and concerns about country-wide reputation. Thoughts?
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Re: GW v. UT (in-state) v. Cornell

Postby MoS » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:19 pm

International law doesn't mean DC, necessarily. I would honestly guess NYC LA and Houston would deal with more International Law than DC because that is where the biggest ports for international trade are, and trade is really where the need for international law is needed. UT has solid connections to DC, between oil and immigration issues, Texas has some serious advocates in DC and Texans like hiring people from Texas. Also they have a national security clinic that is pretty impressive and good international programs for latin america. I know a grad from UT that does work in Uganda and Sweden, I know another person who got a job from the clinic without graduating working for defense contractors. GW would be great for DC and probably international law, but the cost is way too much if you can go to UT with instate tuition.

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