Columbia vs. NYU - "Difference in atmosphere"

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Re: Columbia vs. NYU - "Difference in atmosphere"

Postby thrillhouse » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:06 pm

There isn't a building on any campus more beautiful than either the Butler or Lowe libraries on the Columbia campus.

Columbia and NYU are essentially the same school, so don't stress too much about the decision. If you are getting more money from one than the other, go with the money. If you aren't getting anything from either, pick Columbia because you can attend for less than the total cost of attendance at CLS if you play housing right. You can't do that at NYU. It'll cost what they say it'll cost.

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Re: Columbia vs. NYU - "Difference in atmosphere"

Postby Antipodean » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:38 pm

As others have noted, the similarities between Columbia and NYU really drown out their differences. Both offer a superb education, both have excellent placement into a wide variety of legal careers, but most particularly into New York City firm jobs. There are marginal differences, but they are exactly that, marginal differences. You can do pretty much whatever you want at both schools, which is why people keep coming back to the differences in "atmosphere".

The problem is, of course, no two people can agree on what the difference in atmosphere actually is. I've heard Columbians described as more gunnerish, I've heard NYU described as more cutthroat. I've heard Columbians described as more competitive, I've heard NYU students described as having chips on their shoulder. And that's without getting into the respective neighbourhoods...

I think it really is a matter of personal reaction. I liked the vibe at Columbia, and I love being here, but plenty of people can say the exact same thing about NYU, and that's no skin off my back.

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