Attention: Those who want to work NorCal

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Re: Attention: Those who want to work NorCal

Postby lakerfanimal » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:47 am

RVP11 wrote:
lakerfanimal wrote:[strike]I don't know if I agree with the OP fully, but how things look to me is that beyond the top 3, region does play some factor. Overall in NorCal, I'd imagine Berkeley is better than everything except the top 3; however if you look at just biglaw firms (branches or headquarters) then Columbia and Chicago might equal it[/strike]. I'm just a 0L speculating, [strike]but that's what things look like to me[/strike].

Talk to 2L+ people who've been through OCI. Often regional preferences/familiarity for a certain T14 (like NorCal and Berkeley) is counteracted by the fact that firms like to have diverse SA classes. NorCal firms, for instance, probably aren't hiring much (if at all) deeper at Berkeley than at MVP. 0Ls on TLS like to over-regionalize things. But there are plenty of people grateful to be at an eastern T14 and one of only ~10 people in the class who wants to work in California, rather than competing with everyone and their mom at Berkeley for interview slots.

Hmm that makes sense, do you know why this might be though? Just having diversity for diversity's sake or what?

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