seton hall($$) v. richmond

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seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby avioguy687 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:29 am

25K at seton hall which brings tuition down to 17K, or the full 32K at richmond. I'm from VA and kind of want to get a different experience. Living in the NYC area is appealing. BUT from the deluge of horrible things i've read about SHU, i'm nervous about it.

also lucky enough to not have to take out loans.

I'm also on waitlists to schools like W&L & W&M, but doesn't look like anything is going to come of that.

Or should I re-take the LSAT in June and hope for the best?

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Re: seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby avioguy687 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:26 pm

c'mon people, be honest and let me have it. also, i'm not interested in working at a firm, if that helps formulate some opinions.

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Re: seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby howie » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:32 pm

well i am in a similar position i got in to SHU with the same scholarship and am on the special priority waitlist at Richmond, whatever that means?
-that being said I think you absolutely need to visit SHU, before you send in a deposit. When I visited Newark I decided that wasn't the place for me as I have no desire to practice anywhere in New Jersey. I feel getting a job in NYC is not going to be as easy as the admin at shu say it will
-i have never visited Richmond, don't really plan on going either if I was admitted, but i heard its a great city. If i was in your position I would make my decision on strictly the location of where I want to practice. I would email Richmond an ask for money, I don't think there rank is that much better than SHU
-so like i Said cost and location, also I did look at the employment statistics of Richmond grads and does not really seem that the salaries are that high but apparently they do great for getting clerkships

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Re: seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby GordonBombay » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:34 pm

I would be nervous about SHU, I am from VA living in NY and there are just soo many schools/ lawyers here. I got about 1/2 from BK and it never really made it into the convo with W & L. I loooved Richmond and everyone there has been amazing from my experience. I would just be nervous about paying full for it though. If you do well there you can find work in Richmond I think. Really well and you can go somewhere else. It just seems to me like the positives of Richmond are the opposite of bad things Ive heard about SHU. Also Ive hears SHU mainly places in Jersey, not NY. Dunno if thats the different experience you want

Note: I have never been to SHU or applied, just mainly researched Richmond. I have been to Newark and it's a shithole in my opinion

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Re: seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby stilltheoriginal » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:57 pm

Don't hold me to this, but I am fairly sure as a Virginia resident you apply for the $3,000/yr. grant that the state offers to in-state residents attending private in-state institutions.

That would take a little of the burden off of that Richmond sticker price.

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Re: seton hall($$) v. richmond

Postby DonReady » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:59 pm

I'm a VA resident making the move to NY. VA has some great opportunities. Richmond is a strong reputation in VA (so do W&L and W&M if those end up panning out for you). While SHU gave you some $$$, the COL in NJ/NY is hateful compared to Richmond. But you mentioned that you won't have to take out loans, so cost really isn't a factor, is it? I think the question you have to ask is where you want to practice. Both schools place well in their respective markets, but probably don't do as well or have as great opportunities placing graduates outside of their markets. If you want to stay in VA or head to MD/NC, then stay in VA and go to Richmond. If you want to relocate to NY/NJ, then go with Seton Hall. I attended SHU's ASD in March. I was impressed with the school, its staff and facility. Newark isn't Richmond but if you stick to the area around the school it isn't too bad (very easy commute from points outside Newark thanks to SHU's proximity to Newark Penn Station/Path/NJ Transit). Good luck with your decision!

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