Kent vs. Cardozo for IP

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Kent or Cardozo?

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Kent vs. Cardozo for IP

Postby foam » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:26 am

I'm interested in the cultural/creative side of intellectual property - not technical/patents. I have proportionally the same scholarship package at each school, and while neither is exactly what I was hoping for (lsat scores 5-10 points below practice tests, hnnng) ideally I'll try to work my ass off first year and transfer up.

I've heard conflicting advice about both schools, though - a lot of people say that it doesn't matter which one (aside from which market you end up in, of course). I've heard contradictory things from a nearly everyone I've talked to -- that Chicago doesn't have as many copyright-focused jobs once you're done/that Chicago DOES have those jobs, that Cardozo is on the rise/that Cardozo's reputation is in decline. Are any of these right? Would I have a shot of transferring to T14 from either of these or should I give it up now?

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Re: Kent vs. Cardozo for IP

Postby evilgenius » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:06 am

I think these two schools are of the same quality - reputation, employment prospects, very regional etc. And both would give you the option of transferring up. It really just depends on where you want to practice when you are done - NYC or Chicago. This probably isn't helpful advice, but maybe you should look into which of the two cities have the best job market for your career interests. IMO, for the arts/entertainment/media side of IP, NYC seems like a better fit. For technology/science, etc. Chicago may be a better option.

Edit: You probably already know this, but its widely advised that one doesn't attend a school expecting to be able to transfer up. So maybe this should be a consideration as well.

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