UCLA $$ v. Vandy $$ (which has better employment/clerkships?

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UCLA $$ v. Vandy $$ (which has better employment/clerkships?)

Vandy $$
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Re: UCLA $$ v. Vandy $$ (which has better employment/clerkships?

Postby rezipsa » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:10 pm

turkishangora wrote:I went to both ASDs (below is my impression).

My greatest concern is jobs - what types and where. I'm from the Northeast. Although I would eventually want to get back out here, I would not mind at all if I'm stuck in California. I really don't want to end up in the South.

Vandy appears to have better employment/clerkship opporutnities. More % of Vandy students have jobs in the top 250 firms and possibly clerkships. But almost every top firm does OCI at UCLA (from Watchtell down), but they apparently haven't hired anyone from UCLA since forever (why are they still coming?). This is not true for Vandy.

Vandy Likes:

-Small class
-Awesome faculty
-Great international law internship opportunities because of one prof's connections with the State department and Pentagon.
-Seems to have a better time ITE. And their career services is really great, as is their faculty about getting jobs for their students. Also true about their Clerkship placements.


-student body not diverse.
-Nashville kind of sucks (though cheaper cost of living).
-Median student stuck in the South (I dont' wnat to be in the South).

UCLA likes:

-Love the campus and neighborhood
-Really great faculty
[size=85]-Median student works in LA/California firms.

[u]Dislikes: [/u]

-Can't really say (i.e. they didn't elaborate) about clinics/internship/externships.
-Career services and faculty seems not as involved as Vandy's.
-Public school so facilities not as nice. but the weather is awesome.
-Westwood's cost of living will be higher thus school will end up a little more expensive than Vandy (though not much).

Please elaborate on vote!

EDIT: font mess-ups

I'm from LA. Nashville doesn't suck. Tons of places to go other than downtown (which is where most kids go ASW night anyway, so it's not representative. Hanging out around there and Printer's Alley is the equivalent of hanging out at Times Sq. in Manhattan; both aren't my type of scene)

...but yeah, most friends who've come from Manhattan/DC/etc have totally changed their viewpoint after visiting here. PM if you want details about the city, but while I can rationalize the stereotype about the city, the reputation is undeserved.

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Re: UCLA $$ v. Vandy $$ (which has better employment/clerkships?

Postby jay115 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:21 pm

turkishangora wrote:
romothesavior wrote:What didn't you like about Nashville? I think it seems like an awesome city.

It's a cute city, but I like LA's cosmopolitanism. I spent 2 years of highschool in Memphis. The south is nice, but it's different. I think people value different things, and has a different way/rhythm of life. This is just personal though. Also, honestly for a northerner the annual tornados/freaky storms were a bit much.

wow. only one for-UCLA argument. Seriously?

studying on the santa monica beach will do that to you.

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