L&C v GW

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L&C v GW

Postby banalname » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:15 pm

Alright, so I've been admitted to both Lewis and Clark and GWU. I wasn't offered money at either, although I'm still hoping L&C comes through with something on that front.

I'd like to focus on environmental law, but am a bit freaked that after a year or two, I'll change my mind, discover another area, etc etc. GW at least has a broad curriculum and national appeal.

GW is a lot more expensive, even without a scholarship. I also did my undergrad at GW--I had some problems with the undergrad institution and am not sure if I should let that reflect upon the law school. I certainly wouldn't mind a change of scenerey...Last thing is I guess I prefer the atmosphere of L&C (ie less competitive, etc)...

At this point I'm inclined towards L&C. Is that crazy with the difference in rankings? Thoughts? Please?

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Re: L&C v GW

Postby UFMatt » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:43 pm

How much more is the total cost of attendance for GW?

What other schools, if any, did you apply to?

What are each school's LRAPs like?

Where in the US do you want to practice after graduation?

Without knowing the above, I'll say that QoL at L&C would almost certainly be better. It looks very pleasant there, and they seem to have an excellent environmental law program. Like you said, however, if you're not certain that environmental law is for you, then you would be jeopardizing your career by not picking GW.


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Re: L&C v GW

Postby crw09 » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:54 pm

Do you know where you want to practice? If not in the Northwest, I'd go with GW. You'll pay more to live in DC, but you'll also have access to more environmental job opportunities, both government and non-profit, especially during the school year. And, as you said, if you change your mind about environmental law, L&C isn't as great a choice. GW has a good environmental program and better general stuff. Can you think of any jobs/opportunities that going to GW would close off but going to L&C would open? What about the reverse? Look into the LRAP programs at both schools, too -- without scholarship money, you might need it if you go into environmental law. I think for me the hardest thing about choosing a law school was thinking 3 years ahead -- you aren't just deciding where to go to school for the next three years, you are also deciding where to live and work, and in some cases, what type of law you want to practice.

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