Poll: BU ($) vs. WUSTL ($$) vs. CU ($)

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BU ($) vs. WUSTL ($$) vs. CU ($)

BU ($45,000)
WUSTL ($63,000)
CU ($7,000 and in-state tuition)
Total votes: 20

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Poll: BU ($) vs. WUSTL ($$) vs. CU ($)

Postby ccourt14 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:41 pm

Ok, so I am having a really tough time deciding between these schools. Please take the poll or feel free to give insight into my situation.

Here are my thoughts on each:
BU- Big city that I have always heard good things about from multiple people, probably the most diverse student body out of the three, high cost-of-living, family in NY and NJ, national reach (not sure if it is the most out of the 3), public transportation is available and I would prefer that to a car, nationally ranked faculty
WUSTL- Another big city that I have heard good things about, my best friend is living there currently and will be there for one more year so I will get to see her, I have relatives in Chicago, St Louis, and Kansas City, closer to CO (where my boyfriend and family live), national reach, highest ranked out of the 3
CU- will have least amount of debt because I will receive in-state-tuition, can already develop a legal network where I am likely to practice, has no national reach though if I need to move

Side note: I am from Colorado and have lived here my whole life. During undergrand I spent time in upstate NY then transferred to NC. As far as law school, I always planned to go to a big city because I want to focus on entertainment law. I am honestly not sure which of these schools is best for that path. Also, I plan to move back and raise my family in Colorado, so I need national reach, but then again I could always end up living outside Colorado if my career calls for it. Lastly, debt is not really a deciding factor for me.

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Re: Poll: BU ($) vs. WUSTL ($$) vs. CU ($)

Postby Ferociousaurus » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:29 pm

The way I understand it, you'll have a hell of a time getting a job in Colorado if you go to BU. It'll be less tough but still a little thorny from WUSTL--but WUSTL is awesome. So it St. Louis. Then again, I visited CU once upon a time and it's pretty stellar too. If you want to work in Colorado then CU is probably your best choice, but WUSTL isn't an awful choice.

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Re: Poll: BU ($) vs. WUSTL ($$) vs. CU ($)

Postby ccourt14 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:11 pm

Is the main reason you are voting for WUSTL because of the money or is there something else? Also, does anyone know how either school is in terms of entertainment law?

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