W&M vs BC vs Lewis and Clark vs Tulane

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W&M vs BC vs Lewis and Clark vs Tulane

Postby laureng05 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:11 am

Hey all,
Sorry to add yet another post about choosing the right school, but I need some advice. I've been working at environmental non-profits since graduating and want to go into environmental law. At the moment, I've gotten into the above schools. I'm in-state at W&M, plus i got a $6000 a year from them, so it would be about $15k a year to go there. Unfortunately, they aren't strong in environmental classes or issues. I got into the other schools, which all have strong programs. Tulane is the only one who gave me money - $20k a year. So my question is, is it more important to go to the best school (W&M is ranked at least 15 spots higher than L&C and Tulane) or go to the school with the best specialized program, even if I'd be paying up to 3 times as much (as is the case at BC.) I realy have no idea where I want to end up geographically - I'm kind of sick of DC and would love to live somewhere else, so I can't really choose a school based on region alone.

I'm leaning towards W&M since i recently attended their ASW and really liked it, but I won't be able to really concentrate on environmental classes.


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Re: W&M vs BC vs Lewis and Clark vs Tulane

Postby imisscollege » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:26 pm

IMO BC blows those away. I was just at ASD. I wouldn't worry about cost. BC dominates Boston/New England biglaw

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