How much to take Columbia or NYU over Chicago($$)

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How much to take Columbia or NYU over Chicago($$)

Postby pissantvache » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:09 am

So I've received awards from Chicago(60k) and UMich (67k), and am still awaiting financial aid letters from NYU and Columbia. I've received a small scholarship at CLS (10k) unrelated to financial need, for 1L only. How much (or how little) money would CLS or NYU have to give me (total) to make going to one of those more worthwhile than the U of C?

Other factors:
-I'm interested long-term in NYC Biglaw, but would certainly like to do a clerkship, and the prospect of academia is appealing
-I live in NYC now, and have a SO who also would prefer to stay here. On the other hand, she's also very motivated by the prospect of reduced debt.
-I've been working in v5 consulting for a couple of years, and the prospect of doing an MBA in addition to a JD is appealing
-I'm still on hold at HLS, and have more or less given up hope.

Please let me know your thoughts/reasoning! (thanks in advance)


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Re: How much to take Columbia or NYU over Chicago($$)

Postby DeepSeaLaw » Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:16 pm

It seems to me as if either school would have to come close to matching Chicago's offer to make it worth it for you, unless you really want to be in NYC for law school. CLS and NYU do allow you to network in the city for three years, but you won't be at a significant disadvantage for NYC Biglaw coming out of Chicago. All three also have top-notch business schools, although I guess Booth might be a touch above. Of course, assuming you do get even a little bit of aid from either of the NY schools, it comes down to comfort level: where would you perform your best and enjoy three years the most?

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